Parenting & Relationships Through The Eyes Of A Counselor

Cassie Carrigan is a Licensed Professional Counselor, IF:Equip content manager and mother of two. Her work ethic, passion for teaching God's word and calling to enriching lives makes her the perfect break out session leader for The W Conference 2018. Thanks for letting us get to know you a little better before the conference!

a counselor's perspective on parenting

You wear a few different hats vocationally as an LPC and as the content manager for IF:Equip, as well as being a wife and mother of two!

What are your favorite parts of being in the workforce, and a mamma?

As a counselor, I love walking alongside people as they work to become the healthiest versions of themselves. I love watching my clients have breakthroughs, increase their self worth, improve their relationships and gain healing and freedom. It is an incredibly humbling and honoring vocation.

With IF:Equip, I love teaching women God's truth! God's Word has the greatest power and I love putting it in the hands of women to grow personally and to share it with those around them.

Being a mom is my best, most favorite and hardest job. I love (and sometimes hate, ha!) how it stretches me, shines light on my selfishness and my need for patience. And when they smile back at's the absolute best!


As a counsellor, you have a unique perspective on human behavior.

How has this background informed how you parent and manage relationships?

Understanding the cognitive and psychological development stages of children has informed my parenting by helping know what they need and what they can understand at each stage of childhood. As far as relationships are concerned, being a counselor has helped me understand that all of us bring our healthy and unhealthy selves to each relationship. This perspective helps me with kindness, empathy, compassion, boundaries, and allows me to not personalize things that could be perceived as harmful.


We are huge fans of IF:Equip! How did you come to be involved as the content manager, and what is your favorite part of the job?

I became involved with IF:Equip because I have been friends with Jennie Allen for 18 years now. She discipled me when I was a senior in high school! My favorite part of the job is twofold. First, I love studying Scripture and growing in my own relationship with God. Second, I love teaching women the Bible in hopes that they might know Jesus and His great love for them.


Encouraging women with God’s truth is a huge part of IF:Equip.

How do you approach developing content for this daily study resource?

I pray, A LOT! And, I think about our audience—what are we trying to accomplish with the content, what do we want our readers to know about God and his Word, how do we want this content to help them love God and other


We like to end on a fun question! What’s your favorite way to work out?

I love Crossfit. I also do some running and cycling mixed in with the Crossfit.

Cassie Carrigan

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