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Sarah, founder of Lattice Lover, is passionate about creating sacred spaces: realms where people are not certain if they are within the atmosphere of Heaven or Earth. She is responsible for creating the vision and feel of our weekend together each year at The W Conference and we are excited for you to get to know her better!

Lattice Lover

First of all, what lead you to create Lattice Lover, the place where you create environments for events, prayer rooms, parties, etc.

Lattice Lover was created out of a destiny God had for my life. I have always been stirred by environments that held beauty, magic, wonderment or sacredness to them. I recall while serving in youth leadership at church in Waco, Texas one night leading a group of junior girls – their eyes seemed bored, yet longing to be awakened … so I told them “we’re leaving! Everybody get in the back of my truck!”

I drove them to an old dirt road called Peacock Lane in the middle of a corn field. That night, under the stars Heaven came down and Glory kissed our souls. It was like an open Heaven amidst the swaying corn. We were never the same. Encountering Jesus wasn’t something that only happened within church walls. We changed the atmosphere, and He changed us forever.


Tell us about your creative process when it comes to dreaming up an environment for an event. 

Is it something that has evolved over time or a tried and true process you’ve had from the beginning?

Once upon a time I would go sit in a space and wait for a vision over it. I would journal and ponder and sometimes tell the Lord “I’m not getting up off this floor until I have a revelation about this space!”

Movies, music, places I’ve been have always impacted the environments I like to create. These days, time doesn’t really exist for long stares and ponderings-so God shows up in Disney movies and quick sprints through antique stores and décor hunts.


It is evident in the way that you create the W Conference’s ethereal environment that you are a pro at both having and executing vision.

What are some helpful tips for someone who has the vision but has trouble bringing it to life and executing it?

Put things and people around you that are inspiring. Put scents around you that remind you of nostalgic goodness.

“Brighten the corner where you are.”

You don’t need to have a thousand candles in the woods (if that’s what stirs you) to encounter peace. Just take 1 candle outside your front door for a moment and BREATHE … it starts there.

Look for the Kingdom around you in the ordinary elements and the Holy Spirit will reveal an Otherness that you can be part of as your “vision” blends into what’s been going on since the beginning of creation.

We become a part of bringing Heaven to earth and earth to Heaven. The Celts called this the “thin space” - the place where one isn’t certain which realm they are in (Heaven on earth) the membrane between the two is so thin.


How has being a mother of two impacted how you see “work life”, “home life” and the intersection of the two?

Hardest road I’ve ever walked. There is a constant war within me to be content and at peace with the season at hand. My mind is like a bucking bull raging to get out of its contained chute, but my spirit reminds me that my 2 cubs ARE my “nation.”

They are the purpose and greatest destiny of my life. Forging souls to become daughters of the King—what else could I spend my time doing that could be as important as eternity?

I’m reminded of a scene from Hook that Granny Wendy says to grown up Pan “and what’s so terribly important about your terribly important business?” So very true.

What could I possibly create that would be any grander than a human heart in love with its creator? If I stay in step with the Lion, He will equip me to take care of His lambs and Narnia will be the more beautiful for it.


The W Conference is all about equipping & inspiring women to live out their calling.

What do you most hope The W Conference imparts to women.

There is a destiny that is just for you. Don’t worry yourself that your story may not look like the others. It’s not their story. It’s YOUR story.

There is a hope and a future for you—a land that awaits to belong to you.

Everywhere the sole of your foot treads, that has HE given to you. Don’t fear the giants, He is with you.

We like to end our interviews with a fun fact about our speakers.

What book is on your bedside table?
Long Days of Small Things Motherhood As A Spiritual Discipline by Cathering McNeil

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