Why Balance Is A Myth



I was raised in the mid-west, went to Texas for College and took a year detour to Morocco before moving to Nashville, Tn. I met my husband there, had a baby and just moved back to Texas this year. I am obsessed with being a mom, I am working on being a great wife and I am a foodie to the core. One of my mantras is 'sweat once a day'. Working out is how I stay sane and grounded. My favorite thing to do is have an amazing dinner out with good wine and good friends.

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Your background is in personal training and nutrition. When did you discover your passion for helping people live healthful lives?

I grew to love wellness in College after my first half marathon. I was a personal trainer for 2 years and then switched careers up a bit to work as a nutritionist at a home for troubled girls, called Mercy Ministries. I worked there until I was recruited by a friend in my yoga teacher training to work at Lululemon. I worked at Lululemon for 5 years and was deeply immersed in the health and wellness scene in Nashville. I got another nutrition certification a few years ago so that I could do nutrition coaching for women that aren't really sure how to lose and maintain weight. I am passionate about helping people learn how to manage their health in a practical and manageable way.

What's the biggest struggle you see in women seeking to live a balanced lifestyle?

The word balance is the biggest hang up I think. Women thinking that it is attainable is what brings shame and frustration to most. They try to do it all and be balanced and free and take care of themselves at the same time. It doesn't work. The word I like to work toward is GROUNDED.

What advice do you have to battle these struggles?

Be honest with yourself, be present with others, celebrate the small wins, own what's not working, don't be a victim, let go of everything you can't control and live life with ease. Balance is overrated. ;)

Working as a wellness coach for Magnolia seems like a dream job! How did you step into this role?

I am actually not a wellness coach for Magnolia. I am a culture consultant. In other words, I develop and train managers to lead. When I quit my job and decided to go out on my own I decided to start with wellness coaching because I knew I was good at it and could truly help people. My dream company to create was a culture consulting company. I saw how impactful a culture could be in having a successful and healthy business. Soooo this is what I do for Magnolia. I am currently working with them to build out their training and development programs. I am getting to implement them as well which has been super fun! I landed this gig, by creating my business. It is crazy to look at my website now and read what I said I would do as a culture consultant and actually be doing it.

Being in the wellness industry, was there ever a time where you had to battle comparison to others in the field? If so, how did you overcome this?

Honestly, not in the wellness field. I think because I'm not as invested in it long term as I am in my other business, NGoodCompany. I do compare myself to other entrepreneurs sometimes and think, gosh, I wish I was at their income level and had the resume they did. Mostly because I am impatient! Haha.

When it comes to developing a healthy work-life balance, what advice would current Brooke have for 22 year old Brooke?

You are capable of much more than you give yourself credit for. You are not going to look balanced to others around you but you do you. You will be most happy when you do that.

What's your favorite healthy weeknight meal right now?

This sounds crazy but some chicken with steamed veggies that I have burnt with some yummy dressing. I am a horrible cook and veggies and protein just make me super happy!