A Word From Our Founder

Hello friends,

I have had some changes in my life in the last few months. I attended my youngest child’s college graduation, signed up for the Medicare program, and decided to move on to the last and final career in my life. As of September 1st, I have sold my home health care and hospice business and will begin a new phase of life. I am looking forward to pursuing new passions in the coming years.

What this means for the W Conference is that our team will be taking time to prayerfully move forward and plan our next event. We have decided that in order to do this well, our next conference will be held in spring of 2020.

Our mission is, and has always been to lift up working women to live every aspect of their lives fully. We want our 2020 experience with you to be just as fulfilling as the past years have been. We are hopeful that you will continue to follow us on social media so you can stay informed of our next steps and planning stages.

Please pray for our planning team as we go through this process, as we are so excited about the possibilities!

Marcylle Combs

Founder, W Conference

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