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We had such a great time at The Autumn Road last year with Book Scout as a vendor! 

Book Scout is an independent book seller that aims at providing custom picture books for children and adults to enjoy. We can’t wait to hear more about with your story and share it with our network of working women. 


The idea of your business is so ingenious!

When did you discover a need for a more personalized book collection for young kids & growing families?

I began collecting picture books for my daughter before she was born. A lover of good design and the written word, I came to really appreciate quality picture books. It can be overwhelming looking online or walking into your nearby box bookstore and trying select a quality book when there are so many—often mediocre—ones to choose from.

I dreamed about creating a spot where buyers had fewer, better options. Where children and adults alike could take a moment from their day to get swept up in the timeless joy of reading a good book.

I read a sad statistic recently that parents spend eight or fewer minutes a day reading aloud to their children. I hope that as we focus on the types of books we sell, Book Scout can help increase that time frame for families in our  corner of the world.


Tell us more about how the name Book Scout came to be

Well, I laughingly tell people that my daughter Scout is the mascot of our operation, but collecting books for Scout really is where this journey all began. It feels appropriate for her name to be a part of our brand; we’ve simply extended our love for books from our little family to yours.


What kind of daily inspiration do your children bring into your book selections?

While I may choose the books that come into our home, it is Scout and my son Collier who help me to see them through the eyes of a child. What books do they keep coming back to? Which ones make them giggle? Which ones do I find their noses buried in during nap time? Simply stated, my children are the compass and an endless source of delight as we continue to take  steps forward as a small business. It is a love for reading that propels Book Scout, and watching Scout and Collier grow in that love makes everything we do worthwhile. We hope that children everywhere might also fall in love with this timeless activity.


What was it like to take the leap in bringing Book Scout from an idea to a real business?

What readers may not know about me is that I have actually also worked for Marcylle Combs since I was practically a baby. I was hired to work for Marcylle right out of college, and I cannot adequately put into words how impactful it has been to work for such a strong, successful yet nurturing businesswoman.

She has always pushed me beyond my comfort level and taught me how to put myself out there in ways that do not come naturally for my personality. That being said, I felt prepared to take Book Scout from a longtime dream to a reality because I had been schooled in taking risks.

While I had no idea how Book Scout would be received, I had practice in doing things that kind of intimidated me, which gave me the gumption to put my dreams to work.


What words of encouragement do you have women who are wanting to turn a passion into more of a reality?

Find the people who speak life into you and listen to THEM.

It’s so easy to feel prey to the approval of the online masses, to the people who don’t understand your dream or walk away from your operation empty handed. As hard as those people are to ignore, fill your life with the individuals who believe in your passion. Ask them to remind you in times of doubt why you are pursuing it.

Also, remembering that you have a Heavenly Father who sees your untold fears, your countless hours of work, your insecurities and your doubts—He’s with you. And will not leave you or forsake you. That’s about the best comfort I can find on this side of eternity.


We like to end on a fun question: What is your favorite bedtime book in this season?

Well, this is a longtime favorite, but I’m enjoying Carson Ellis’ “Home” right now with renewed interest. It’s simple and beautiful and exposes my children to other people’s homes—both real and imaginary—around the world.

I find that reading it with Scout and Collier before bedtime is a calm and comforting way to conclude the day. And it looks beautiful on my coffee table, so everyone wins!


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