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Well, I am a Texan at heart; however, I was born in the cornfields of Nebraska, Ha! We moved to Texas when I was 5 years old. Here in Texas, I grew up on 30 acres; and was rarely allowed to hang out with anyone by our little family six, no joke! So much of who I am, is a direct reflection of the huge impact my childhood had on me. I am forever grateful now; for those foundational moments, as I lead and love my own family! I am the oldest of 4 girls, my sisters are my best friends. We are loyal to the bone! Not only is my immediate family amazing; but also my precious in-laws. I consider my mother-in-law to be one of my dearest friends; what a unbelievable gift she is to me. I have been mentored and lead by so many "stellar" women; from my Junior High Coach, to my College Disciplers, and then in early parenthood, there were several women that pushed me and helped shape me into the mom & wife I am today! I am so humbled to have been under their shepherding. So all of that to say, I am who I am today; because of My Lord and Savior and the ROCKSTAR flock of women who have guided me through life, thus far!

Rachel Combs, Feather Roots Founder

You have such a heart for discipling young women. How did you come to found Feather Roots?

Feather Roots was founded out of a Christmas Gift given to my precious daughter, Kaylee, when she was a 1st grader. The gift was a total FLOP, oops! We started a tradition several years ago, where we give our kids 3 gifts at Christmas, one of the gifts is titled The Frankincense Gift. This gift is typically something that is meant to help them grow closer with God. So being the overachiever, First Born, that I am; I decided to write my own Children's Devotional to give to "KK" for her Frankincense Gift. Needless to say, It was about 4 years over her head, and well, not exactly what she or I had hoped for. I quickly realized what my daughter craved most was some one-on-one time with me (at Starbucks, of course) studying and talking about the things of God and Life together. This grew into a dream together to start a Mother-Daughter Discipling group at her school for all the girls and their Mommies to grow together in our walks with Christ. It is has turned into a beautiful group; one that I pray continues until they graduate High School!

As a momma of 4, what advice to you have to the woman who is trying to balance it all.

Slow Down; and come to grips that you will never be able to balance it all! Instead, accept the fact that being a hot mess; is well, pretty HOT! Begin to figure out Your Best Yes, prioritize your moments and effort around the people and purposes that most reflect Christ's Mission; not the world's mission. UNPLUG! 

One of your secret weapons is being a personal trainer. What is your favorite way to workout during the week?  

Recently, due to many silly injuries, I began competing in Triathlons. So lately, my favorite workouts are going on long rides on my Road Bike with my hubby!

What are you most excited about for The W Conference 2017

Friday Night, always! The ambiance, the intimate beautiful setting in the Woods; and the energy felt being surrounded by like-minded women who all crave the same thing, JESUS! I can't wait to be back under the stars together with some of my all-time favorite inspiring CHICKS! Let's Do This, The W Conference 2017!